Making Personal Aviation Accessible.

FlightLine is Reimagining Aircraft Ownership for Light Aircraft


Why rent when you can buy? FlightLine has modernized light aircraft co-ownership by making it accessible, turn-key and equitable. That’s Personal Aviation for Everyone!

Active Management

It’s your aircraft and your investment. Now plane owners can directly manage their asset with straightforward digital tools that make the ownership experience flexible and on your terms.

Plane Sharing

If you’re the sole owner of your Cirrus, share the carrying costs by renting your Cirrus to qualified pilots. If you want to fly a Cirrus, rent directly from an owner wherever you go.

FlightLine supports Cirrus aircraft.

FlightLine standardizes flying a Cirrus - the plane with a parachute! - through an all-digital experience.

  • Co-Ownership
    Own as little as a 1/5 share in a Cirrus Aircraft. Flightline handles all aspects of the buying process: acquisition, LLC formation, financing, and remarkets it to other interested buyers
  • Cirrus Owner
    FlightLine provides an all-digital resource so you can take an active role in your aircraft management. Scheduling, billing, maintenance tracking and more. Fly it yourself or make it available to other Cirrus Pilots or curated group of pilots you choose. Keep 100% of the revenue
  • Rent
    Rent directly from a sole owner and work exclusively with Cirrus Instructors on the platform.
  • CSIP or Cirrus Instructor:
    Train in aircraft you know. Scale your business how and where you want - on your terms. Keep 100% of your income.

A Modernized Personal Aircraft Ownership Experience

As a co-owner you’ll enjoy the benefits of plane ownership - without the hassle

Co-Own One of These Available Aircraft Today!

Let’s Go Flying!

Convenient monthly and annual membership options available

  • Fully Transparent pilot and plane profiles

  • Clean and well-maintained aircraft that meet FlightLine’s high standards

  • Safety standards the exceed Cirrus and FAA requirements

  • Effortless mobile pick-up and drop-off

  • Customer support available 24/7/365