Personal Aviation Starts Here

FlightLine Technologies is transforming how owner-operators buy, own, and share personal aircraft.

What We Offer

  • Co-Ownership

    Enjoy true aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost through a fully managed LLC program that modernizes and simplifies the owner experience.

  • Rental Marketplace

    Cirrus owners can quickly and easily rent their Cirrus to qualified Cirrus pilots without losing control.

FlightLine supports Cirrus aircraft.

FlightLine standardizes flying a Cirrus - the plane with a parachute! - through an all-digital experience.

  • Cirrus Co-Ownership

    Own as little as ⅕ share. We handle the logistics, from acquisition to financing to maintenance to remarketing other shares to interested co-owners.

  • Cirrus Owners

    Take the complexity out of plane ownership — get in the air, and software handles the rest. Your owner hub is a first-of-its-kind all-in-one digital resource for Cirrus ownership.

  • Cirrus Pilots

    Rent from other Cirrus owners. If you’re an owner and your plane is down for maintenance or traveling without your aircraft, reserve directly from another Cirrus owner

  • Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs)

    Let us connect you with pilots and owners who need training. Scale your business how and where you want. Keep 100% of your earnings.

  • Sustainability with 4AIR

    The only platform supporting carbon and emissions neutral operations for personally flown aircraft.

  • Rental Calculator

    Let us help you calculate the income potential of your Cirrus.

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Co-Own a Cirrus Aircraft near you

  • 2024 Cirrus SR22 GTS Carbon
    $270,000  for 1/5 share
  • 2024 Cirrus SR22T GTS Carbon
    $300,000  for 1/5 share
  • 2024 Cirrus Vision Jet G2+ Elite
    $780,000  for 1/5 share
  • 2023 Cirrus SR22T GTS Carbon
    $259,750  for 1/5 share KSQL

Let’s Go Flying!

convenient Monthly and Annual Membership Options available

Everything you need for personal aviation in one platform

  • Software and reporting specific to your Cirrus

  • Fully transparent pilot and plane profiles

  • Aircrafts that meet FlightLine’s high standards

  • Safety standards that exceed Cirrus and FAA requirements for PART 91

  • Effortless mobile pick-up and drop-off

  • Customer support available 24/7/365

FlightLine does not:

  • own any aircraft for rental use (all are owned by independent owners);
  • provide any flight instruction (we refer CSIPs to pilots who need them);
  • operate any aircraft or conduct commercial operations at any airport (we merely provide flight scheduling, financial accounting, and coordination with maintenance shops for aircraft that we manage);
  • operate any fractional ownership or fleet sharing arrangement (we are not under Part 91, subpart K).