Co-Ownership Made Simple

Enjoy the benefits of plane ownership – without the hassle.


How LLC Co-Ownership Works

Co-owning means you pay less upfront to purchase your Cirrus and share ongoing expenses equitably.

  1. 1   -   We aggregate and vet the ownership group.
  2. 2   -   Your aircraft lives at an airfield near you
  3. 3   -   Right-side ownership based on your mission
  4. 4   -   Make one monthly payment
  • PART 91 - For Pilots and Non-Pilots

    Aircraft in the co-ownership program are to be enjoyed by owner-operators. Not a pilot, not a problem. Hire a professional pilot to fly you in your aircraft on demand.

  • Technology Driven

    Equitable scheduling, digital logs and maintenance enhance the owner experience and powers the future of personal aviation.

  • Transparency + Privacy

    Owners receive monthly LLC operating account statements, aircraft operational data, and 24/7 customer support. Remain anonymous within your group of owners if you wish.

  • Financing and Insurance

    Integrated financing is available. Insurance is provided by top-tier insurance underwriters.

Co-Own a Cirrus Aircraft near you

  • 2024 Cirrus SR22 GTS Carbon
    $270,000  for 1/5 share
  • 2024 Cirrus SR22T GTS Carbon
    $300,000  for 1/5 share
  • 2024 Cirrus Vision Jet G2+ Elite
    $780,000  for 1/5 share
  • 2023 Cirrus SR22T GTS Carbon
    $259,750  for 1/5 share KSQL

Find your Cirrus

Start a conversation with us whether you're interested in selling shares, looking for a Cirrus in your location or a non-pilot looking to own a share of a Cirrus aircraft.

FlightLine does not:

  • own any aircraft for rental use (all are owned by independent owners);
  • provide any flight instruction (we refer CSIPs to pilots who need them);
  • operate any aircraft or conduct commercial operations at any airport (we merely provide flight scheduling, financial accounting, and coordination with maintenance shops for aircraft that we manage);
  • operate any fractional ownership or fleet sharing arrangement (we are not under Part 91, subpart K).