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Aircraft ownership is expensive, but it shouldn’t be complicated. By joining the FlightLine marketplace, you are increasing both your rental odds and asset control.

FlightLine connects pilots and aircraft owners

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      Registered pilots

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      Major cities

  • Convenience

    Setup your plane once and enjoy the simplicity of managing, scheduling and renter management

  • Transparency

    Renter airport, ratings and qualifications give owners piece of mind knowing that a qualified Cirrus pilot is operating their aircraft

  • Reporting

    Customize reports that detail revenue, maintenance issue and usage reporting

  • Support

    FlightLine is a digital storefront for your aircraft. We support our partners with account maintenance, marketing and customer support

More Reasons to List your Aircraft

  • Increase asset utilization without losing control

  • Understand maintenance and squawks as they happen. More uptime = more revenue less worry

  • Rent to qualified Cirrus pilots that have been vetted by FlightLine and Cirrus Instructors

  • 24/7 support

  • Create a private marketplace and reserve only to a curated group of pilots you’ve hand selected

  • Qualify for tax benefits
  • If you're an owner pilot, access the same make and model aircraft you own from other owners in cities around the country

  • Join the first digital aviation community of active Cirrus owners and pilots that are making access to aircraft they know standard

  • Fleet insurance for streamlined and standardized aircraft coverage

  • Exclusive owner fly-ins and annual events

  • Lower cost of ownership by making your plane available to other qualified pilots

  • We have your back

    Enjoy $1M liability Insurance + Hull coverage under FlightLine’s Open Pilot Warranty. This is provided as a pass-through cost and billed to our owner partners monthly.

  • Safety

    As a Cirrus focused marketplace, only CSIPs can instruct in aircraft on the FlightLine platform. If a Cirrus is parked at a CTC, a TCI can also perform instruction on aircraft listed on the FlightLine Technologies marketplace. FlightLine will require any renter to have a 6 month IPC with a CSIP or a TCI to perform rentals on the platform. Pilots must have completed Cirrus Transition Training with a CSIP or a TCI in the make and model they are operating and upload the certificate to their profile in addition to a current IPC within the last 6 months and a valid Flight Review.

All-in-one digital platform

Rental Calculator

Learn how many hours you need to rent your aircraft to offset the additional insurance cost.+


List your aircraft

Share your aircraft with qualified Cirrus pilots for a nominal monthly fee. Keep 100% of your rental revenue.

    FlightLine does not:

    • own any aircraft for rental use (all are owned by independent owners);
    • provide any flight instruction (we refer CSIPs to pilots who need them);
    • operate any aircraft or conduct commercial operations at any airport (we merely provide flight scheduling, financial accounting, and coordination with maintenance shops for aircraft that we manage);
    • operate any fractional ownership or fleet sharing arrangement (we are not under Part 91, subpart K).