• Flightline Technologies was founded by Cirrus pilots who had a hard time accessing aircraft they could rent and fly.

    When looking to buy an aircraft with other partners, the financial risk and hassle made it a non-starter.

    FlightLine Technologies was born to solve personal aviation’s most pressing disparate challenges.

    Software is the foundation of everything we do. It enables network effects and community-driven experiences that ensure a long bright future for all those that have a little George Jetson in them.

Technology Powering the Future of Personal Aero Mobility

  • Our Mission

    To make personal aviation accessible, collaborative, and affordable for more people.

  • Our Vision

    We are transforming how owner-operators purchase, finance, share, and own personal aircraft through an innovative tech-enabled software and services platform.

  • Our Values

    1. 1   -   We are customer-obsessed and product driven
    2. 2   -   We build best-in-class technology for pilots by pilots
    3. 3   -   We strive to make personal aviation universally accessible
    4. 4   -   Trust and safety are central to our mission
    5. 5   -   Winning is a team sport


  • Fly more often

  • Rent high quality Cirrus aircraft from owners directly (no middleman and middleman fees)

  • Connect with other pilots

  • Train with Cirrus instructors

  • Rent a plane wherever you go*

  • Enjoy better rates

  • Airplane ownership is now affordable with co‑ownership. Not a pilot, not a problem! Purchase an aircraft share today! See Co‑Ownership for more details.

All the membership benefits

  • Safety

    Pilots and planes are thoroughly vetted. The platform ensures compliance and currency.

  • Convenience

    Rent locally wherever you go.

  • Digital

    The rental process is all digital. Access the plane at a local FBO or hanger. Get live customer support 24/7 365.

  • Value

    No fuel surcharges. You pay the fair market rental rate.

  • Transparency

    Pilot qualifications, plane quality and operational history are available in user interface. There are no surprises.

All the membership benefits

  • 1. Pick a Plan

    Select the membership plan that's best for you to get started.

  • 2. Verification

    We verify your driver's license, pilot license, medical, identity. Most members are approved and can book a plane in minutes, but in some cases this process may take a bit longer. Own a plane? See List Your Plane for more information to set it up on the FlightLine marketplace today!

  • 3. Book

    When approved, you’re good to rent a Cirrus you’re qualified to fly on the FlightLine platform.


List your aircraft

Share your aircraft with qualified Cirrus pilots for a nominal monthly fee. Keep 100% of your rental revenue.

  • Monthly


    / month
  • Annual


    / year

FlightLine does not:

  • own any aircraft for rental use (all are owned by independent owners);
  • provide any flight instruction (we refer CSIPs to pilots who need them);
  • operate any aircraft or conduct commercial operations at any airport (we merely provide flight scheduling, financial accounting, and coordination with maintenance shops for aircraft that we manage);
  • operate any fractional ownership or fleet sharing arrangement (we are not under Part 91, subpart K).